Melting, I’m Melting

It’s 86 Fahrenheit today. I think I’m going to die. That’s 30 Celsius for my Canuckian friends. And since I’m on the topic of heat, we’ll be going to Palm Springs during our California visit. The Kroliks invited to join them there. I think we may end up going through a whole bottle of sunblock on our trip. I am looking forward to seeing all our friends, seeing Ashley & Chris get married, wading in the ocean, and having dinner at Ruth’s Chris. Mmmm. My favorite restaurant. If we get the chance to do Disneyland, that would be awesome. Can’t go overboard, have to save some money for Scotland.

The picnic was fun yesterday. Geoff came and met some of my coworkers. Sadly most of them couldn’t make it, so he didn’t get to meet everyone I’d hoped. We got presented with certificates of appreciation, which was weird. I wasn’t expecting that. I didn’t go to the zoo since no one I knew was going. If Geoff didn’t have to go back to work, we would have. But it was so hot yesterday, I was exhausted after the picnic, so I had a nap.

Not much is going on here. Just normal day to day stuff. Scrubs had it’s season finale on Tuesday with the “Turkeltons” getting married. It was another great episode, and I hope the summer passes quickly so we get to the fall and new episodes. Angel was outstanding last night! Chock full o’ Buffy references. Andrew wasn’t as geeky as he usually is, but that may be because the episode talked of moving on, so he’s obviously moved on/grown up from the nerd we once knew. Only 2 episodes left of Angel (that sound you hear is Geoff cheering). I read online what they had originally talked of/planned for Angel had it been picked up for a sixth season. Plans they had for this season & next. Like bringing both Oz & Willow to the show for a few episodes. How Fred would not have died, but Illyria would still be a storyline. Perhaps for the movies, if they ever happen.

We’ve been watching Futurama on DVD, so I’m going to close with some quotes from it. Frankly it’s way funnier than the Simpsons.

Fry: [offscreen] Space. It seems to go on and on forever. But then you get to the end and a gorilla starts throwing barrels at you.


[Bender and Fry in Benders apartment]

Bender: [while sleeping] Kill all humans, kill all humans, must kill all hu…

Fry: [shakes him] Bender wake up.

Bender: I was having the most wonderful dream. I think you were in it.

Fry: Listen, Bender, uh… where’s your bathroom?

Bender: Bath-what?

Fry: Bathroom.

Bender: What room?

Fry: Bathroom.

Bender: What what?

Fry: Aaah, never mind. [Bender shuts himself down to sleep, Fry lies on the floor]

Bender: [while sleeping] Hey, sexy mama… Wanna kill all humans?

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