Two Lost Souls Swimming In A Fish Bowl

Ah, my fella is returning tonight. I have to try to not fit a week’s worth of conversations into one night. It was a pretty dull week, the highlight being any chance I got to chat with people (online or in person).

So I awoke this morning to at least 4″ of snow and it just kept falling. As I type, the snow has changed to rain, and there is heat coming off the ground. I borrowed the neighbor’s brush to get the snow off it. We had a nice one, but it got accidently left in Jason’s rental car. I tried to get one at Target, but they aren’t selling them, cause it’s Spring. 🙂 Hopefully this will be the last snow until Winter, and then we can worry about a new snow brush.

Thank you for all the sympathy emails about my “trip” to Kiowa. I’m fine. 🙂

I could not believe Scrubs ended like that last night! I also loved the Janitor’s comment “You’re not Ross & Rachel”. I’m telling you, Scrubs, Monk and This Just In are the funniest shows on tv. This Just In has aired it’s six episodes, and I’m hoping Spike will hold onto that show and ask for more episodes.

Kelly has written some great stuff on her blog this week, you should be reading it regularly. I love that she doesn’t hold back on how she feels about Tarantino.

I’m closing with a quote from The Cable Guy.

Steven: Can I get a knife or fork?

Wench: There were no utensils in medieval times, hence there are no utensils AT Medieval Times. Would you like a refill on that Pepsi?

Steven: There were no utensils but there was Pepsi?

Wench: Dude, I got a lot of tables.

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