Vegas Baby!

I turned on the tv yesterday after work, and Roswell was on Sci-Fi. They show it once a month in blocks of episodes. And it was the episode where the gang goes to Vegas. An entertaining episode, particularly the aliases Michael gives everyone. Then in the afternoon I got an IM from Kelly who was in Vegas! What a strange coincidence. She was up nearly $50 when I talked to her. I think she was there for just a few days with her friend Jim. And while she was there, she met Drew Carey! She says he’s pretty cool. Geoff and I saw a taping of Who’s Line Is It Anyway? ( a few years ago) and the coolest person there was Wayne Brady. While everyone took a break, he came out and talked with the audience. I told him he was awesome on the Emmys, and he said thanks. It was a fun time, not nearly as lengthy a process as seeing Friends (which was cool).

Not much else is going on here. Jason left this morning, Geoff had to wake me so I could say good-bye. I think I may be coming down with something, and I haven’t been sleeping so well. Strange dreams.

I got some books out of the library to read while Geoff is gone next week. The Odyssey (Homer) and The Quiet American (Graham Greene). Brad recommended Crime & Punishment, so if I plow through those two, I may get that. I’m back to reading the classics. The Tattered Cover (the local bookstore) has Candide (Voltaire) for $3. I enjoyed that book, though I’m sure I didn’t understand some of it. I’ll take some more recommendations, but let me tell you what I liked: The Great Gatsby, Of Mice & Men, A Streetcar Named Desire, The Old Man & The Sea. So by that, what would you recommend?

I’m gonna close with a quote from Ed Tv, which was surprisingly good. (I don’t care one or another about Matthew McConaughey).

John: Look, Ed, you put *anybody* on television sixteen hours a day, and sooner or later they’re going to fall off a table and land on a cat.

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