He’ll Be Coming Around The Mountain

Hee hee! Jason is coming this weekend! It was so nice to get the email from him. He’ll fly into Salt Lake City, then drive here (that’s an 8 hour drive). He & Geoff may go skiing if time allows. I hope it allows.

I’ve filled out my paperwork for the INS, and now I have an appt on Friday to get my photo & fingerprint taken. What a huge stress it is to make sure everything is done properly. If there is one small problem, I can get denied. I wonder if this is comparable to applying for a grant. I’m going to bring a list of questions to ask to be sure I didn’t miss a step.

It’s cloudy & rainy now, and we’re supposed to get snow this weekend. Joy.

I guess there isn’t much more to write. My mom got a promotion at work, and it comes with a raise in a few months. Meg left Carleton Cards for an office job. Perhaps this is a sign of a job boom in Edmonton. I sure hope so, I know people who could use a good job. It was Doug’s birthday yesterday, so we called to wish him a happy day. He seemed in good spirits, even after working a 13 hr day. All is well at the Herbert house. Seems that the Junos didn’t make much of an impression on Edmontonians. Chris blogged about it, as did Paul Bellows (of Splendourbog), and Mom & Doug said it was nothing special. I know some people who went, perhaps I can get an account from them. I don’t remember cool stuff like the Junos coming to town when I was there. 🙁

Well, that’s it from me. I’ll keep y’all posted on the INS/job. I’m closing with a quote from the The Tick (the animated version, that isn’t available on DVD yet).

Tick: It’s your turn now, Thorace-bog.

Thrakkorzog: It’s Thrakkorzog. Thrakkorzog. With a K.

Tick: We’re only serving humble pie, Whatchamazog.

Thrakkorzog: For the last time, it’s…

Tick: Thorax-and-a-bog. Four-yacks-and-a-dog.

Thrakkorzog: No.

Tick: Ah, laxative-log.

Thrakkorzog: No, no, no.

Tick: Sapsucker-frog.

Thrakkorzog: Thrakkorzog.

Tick: Susan?

Thrakkorzog: Now you’re doing it on purpose. How juvenile.

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