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Thanks to Chris for letting me know Wonderfalls has been cancelled. I’m not too surprised, it doesn’t look well when after the first episode, the Executive Producer Tim Minear sends out emails pleading with people to tune in. And this Fox after all. The people who took away Harsh Realm, Lone Gunmen, and Titus.

On a lighter note, Scrubs has been renewed! Also, at the end of Monk they said new episodes would air in June. While USA has not officially announced it’s renewal, they’d be nuts to not pick it up again.

As for the Save Angel campaign, I have heard nothing on whether or not it has swayed anyone. I like it’s spunkiness to keep at tv execs to pick it up for another season.

I’ll close with a quote from Wonderfalls (the episode Wound Up Penguins).

Darrin: Your mother and I are tickled to death that you’ve turned to the Lord for guidance, sweetheart. We just .. think it should be our Lord ..

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