Just a breezy weekend with great weather for us. Saturday we ran errands and did some chores. Geoff weeded our yard, and it looks great now. We had afternoon tea in the backyard and played whist. Saturday night we alternated between the Oiler/Hurricane game and the Esks/Stamps game. With the Esks playing, we mostly stayed on hockey. I’m so stoked that the Oil pushed a game 7. This is the way the cup should be played every year.

Sunday for Father’s Day we got up early and headed to The Original Pancake House. We had time before church, so we went for coffee at Caribou, and being the only ones there, we got to sit in the good chairs for the first time. Whenever we go, Elijah always wants to play there, because they have furry animal ottomans that he can crawl on top of. Church was awesome, Growly Guy (bass player, his name is Joe, but Geoff and I affectionately refer to him as Growly Guy.) lead worship, and I got chills from singing Sing To The King. We got home and Geoff opened his cards (that card was hilarious Athena!) and his gifts. We spent the rest of the day out in the backyard. We had dinner out there, yummy fajitas on the weber charcoal grill which made me think of camping with the CA crowd. I’m ready for camping now!

Last night we watched Vertigo, having never seen it. We’re just going through all the Hitchcock movies on On Demand. Geoff liked, it, but I was just annoyed. By the end, I was hoping everyone would die. Except Midge, I loved her. Well, can’t like ’em all. I’m open to suggestions from any Hitchcock fans as to which to see next. We can choose from:
The Man Who Knew Too Much
Rear Window

Well, I guess I’ll close with a quote from Usual Suspects.

Keaton: His name is Verbal. Verbal Kint.
McManus: Verbal?
Keaton: Yeah.
Verbal: Roger, really. People say I talk too much.
Hockney: Yeah, I was just gonna tell you to shut up.

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