I had a great weekend, some of my family did not.

Uncle Ron got robbed, again. This is the fourth time they’ve been robbed out at the farm. They weren’t home, and Grandma & Grandpa slept through all the garages being ransacked, and a truck crashing into a tree in the ditch outside their house. As I understand, Uncle Ron’s truck was recovered 10 minutes after he called the police.

Also in farm news, Auntie Erma (Grandma’s sister) had a heart attack. She’s being sent to Vancouver to have an angioplasty tomorrow. Please keep her in your prayers. She’s such a wonderful lady.

My mom spent a night in the hospital watching over her very good friend who was in a lot of pain. He’s doing a bit better now.

I, on the other hand, had a very relaxing weekend. Friday I watched a movie called The I Inside. It starred Ryan Phillippe, Robert Sean Leonard, and Sarah Polley. It’s kinda like Memento and Butterfly Effect (the good parts). I’d like to try and watch it again sometime, since I feel like I missed a lot. Friday night we watched the Oilers beat the Ducks. Saturday we went to Cherry Creek North to get Peet’s, and that night we watched Brothers Grimm. It was very good, very enjoyable. Sunday, Geoff had to run 10 miles, so we went to late service. This allowed him to make blueberrry pancakes for he & Elijah to eat for breakfast. Sunday night, game two for the Oilers vs. Ducks. We won that one too.

This week I have no plans. Today I want to…
-go to Cost Plus World Market to get more PG Tips (excellent tea bags).
-mail off our baby gift to Colin & Dawn. Ryan’s due date is Friday, I hope to connect with Dawn today to find out how she’s doing.
-send out emails to CA friends, and make sure I have current cell phone numbers/home numbers.
-type up packing list and info for Myrna about taking care of Honey.

Hope you Canuck friends are enjoying Victoria Day. I’m going to close with a quote from Brothers Grimm.

Will Grimm: I made that armour!
Will Grimm: It’s not magic; it’s just shiny.

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