Vegas- In Detail

Okay, in case you didn’t get details from Geoff’s post, here is my post about Vegas.

We got in Tuesday night, and had dinner at the buffet. Then Elijah and I went to bed (’cause I was tired), and Geoff went to gamble and wait for his parents to arrive. They got in a little late, but the three of them enjoyed a beer when they got in. Geoff had lost some money at blackjack, and was a little disappointed. The next morning, we met up for breakfast and mapped out our morning. We went to the strip, and walked around the Forum shops at Caesars. We went next door to the Mirage, and Treasure Island. We headed to the Venetian for lunch. We walked back to the shuttle and spent some time at the pool. I went to the salon to get my hair cut before my big date with Geoff.

We had reservations at five for Delmonico in the Venetian. We caught a cab, and sat in the lounge until our table was ready. This is hands down the swankiest restaurant I’ve ever been in. The atmosphere was lovely, the food was unbelievable, and it was a wonderful night out. We returned to our hotel to say good night to Elijah before we went to play some blackjack. I have a plan you see. I have a number in my head of how much money I’m willing to lose, and I walk away when I get to that number. Then I can still have money in my pocket. I left when Geoff went out, and I was at $53 left of my $100.

Thursday we went back to the strip, heading right for Paris to get some coffee. We think we might want to stay there for a future visit, it has such a great atmosphere. We enjoy our coffee, resist the pastries and then walk around the Desert Passage shops at Aladdin. We go back to the Venetian to do the gondola ride. The outdoor version is cancelled due to the wind, so we go to the indoor ride. We’re lucky enough that each family got to enjoy a private gondola. Our gondolier is Angeline, and she has a fabulous singing voice, she sings That’s Amore and a lullaby for Elijah. It was a wonderful experience I suggest everyone take advantage of. We caught a cab back to the hotel to get some lunch. We settled on Sazio, an Italian restaurant. We had the whole place to ourselves. The food was tasty, even if we had to wait a little for it. After lunch, Geoff wanted to teach me how to play video poker. We hung out for a while, Glen & Diane got ready for their date night, then we all hopped in a cab to the Bellagio. We walked around the conservatory which was all decked out with trains and carvings of famous landmarks and buildings. It was Elijah’s favorite thing to see I think. We went outside to catch the 4:30 showing of the fountains, but the wind had them canceling it. So we went to the Mirage to say goodbye to Glen & Diane (they had tickets to see LOVE), and caught a cab back to our hotel. Elijah & I went to try and relax in the room, Geoff went and played craps (and won over $100). We met up for dinner at Terrible Mike’s (which isn’t terrible) and then Geoff & Elijah went to relax in the room and I went to play VP and Blackjack. I got back to the room a while later, and we ordered champagne to surprise Glen & Diane as an anniversary gift. They got in, we heard how fabulous the show was and how they had a wonderful time, and then the champagne arrived. Obviously I didn’t have any, but Geoff and his parents did.

Friday morning we hit the buffet for breakfast, which I wish we had done sooner. I really miss that now, all that selection. We shopped at gift shop and I played some VP with Geoff, while Elijah enjoyed Nana & Grampy time. It was then I hit 4 Aces and won $200 (on top of the $73 was still left in the machine). I cashed out immediately. After we checked out, we hung out by the pool in the shade until it was time to go to the airport. Since we shared a cab and had to go to two different terminals, it was a quick goodbye.

That was Vegas.

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