Vacation, Part Two

Sunday morning, once we got the baby fed and everyone dressed, we headed down to PCH to find some breakfast. We’d seen several cafes the day before, so we knew we’d be okay. Some were packed and had no free tables, some just weren’t for us. One place we wanted to go to, but was closed was Andree’s Patisserie. We finally settled on Goko Cafe, a mostly organic cafe. I know you’re wondering what did Melissa find to eat there? Well, I had a bacon and cheese bagel sandwich, with freshly squeezed apple juice. It was green, with foam on top. It tasted…like a freshly squeezed apple. Elijah had some yogurt, Geoff had granola and freshly squeezed orange juice. We then walked up a block to the Ralphs to get groceries for the house. On the way home, Elijah wanted to see the ocean, so he & Daddy went and Miles & I went to the house to feed again and put away the groceries.

The rest of the morning/early afternoon was spent with naps and running (you figure out who did what). Then Colin, Dawn, Dylan & Ryan arrived! I got the biggest hug from Dylan he was so happy to see me. More hugging, and then we went into the house and Elijah woke to 4 new faces staring at him. We all got reacquainted and met the new babies. Geoff returned from his run and we hung out. We had made arrangements for dinner with Cate & Kaisara, since they were leaving on an anniversary cruise that week. We headed towards them and found a new restaurant called Boneheads for dinner. I enjoyed the caesar salad with piri piri chicken, Geoff had shrimp, Elijah had chicken tenders. It was pretty tasty. Then we played in the fountains there for a bit before trying to get the kids to bed at a normal hour.

Monday the plan was to hit PCH and the beach with the Torrances. We headed down to check out the beach, which Ryan loved. He crawled along in the sand, wanted to be swept away by the ocean. Elijah got into playing in the water too.

The big boys were going to head back to the house, while the girls and babies went to Ralphs to get more provisions. The boys ended up finding us still shopping when they realized… I had the key to the house. Oops. On the walk home, we stopped in Andree’s, and got some yummy pastries. It’s a tiny bakery, just one guy. I had my first chocolate eclair. Fabulous! For dinner we had gotten burgers to bbq, but it didn’t quite work out. Not enough charcoal. But we had a good time regardless.

Tuesday the Torrances went down to San Diego to do Sea World, and we spent the morning and early afternoon having kids nap. Once everyone was up, we went to the beach house the Kroliks were at and hung out on their beach. It was nice to just sit and have someone else amuse the boys. 🙂 We took Lexi away with us for dinner. We walked down towards main beach and ended up eating at Greeter’s Corner. On the walk back we picked up some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream at Ralphs to eat at the house. Eventually Geoff took Lexi back to her beach house, and after he got back the Torrances got in from their day at Sea World. They said it was huge, you could spend two days doing everything there. And yes, Dylan got splashed by Shamu.

Alright there’s a few more days for you.

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