I got the funniest message the other day on MySpace, from a guy I went to school with. I haven’t spoken to him in well over 15 years, and I was a little shocked he remembered me. Am I memorable? I, on the other hand, remember tons of people, and stuff about people I went to school with. Anyways, none of y’all would know him, except maybe Doug & Colin. If you had lived in Burnewood, or you went to Julia Kiniski/Ottewell with me you might know him.

I was telling Geoff about it, and he said the funniest thing regarding it, and I still laugh thinking about it. I asked Geoff why would he send me a message? And Geoff said, “remember that scene in Fargo?” Then Geoff proceeded to act it out. It was really funny.

Saturday was an awesome day! We went swimming (see Elijah’s blog), got groceries, and then went to date night. The desserts were yummy, and believe it or not we restrained ourselves from eating everything. We actually ate the least of everyone at our table. We won the Newlywed Game at our table (barely), but it was hard. My questions were harder than Geoff’s.

Today Geoff has to work, but is aiming to knock off early so we can go to Runner’s Roost (to get him running socks) and we’ll browse at Linens & Things.

I’ve saved the best news for last…My mom & my Grandma are coming to visit! Next month, they’ll fly out for a few days. This is huge! My Grandma has never been on a plane before. She’s a little nervous and she’s worried about needing insurance (she thinks she’ll be in financial trouble should she have a health issue arise). But she has a few weeks to get herself ready. They are coming March 21. I’m super excited. I wonder…should we *magically* have all the fixins to make cabbage rolls? Geoff loves her cabbage rolls.

House is on tonight, whoo-hoo! And I hope to try and catch the gold medal women’s hockey game today.

I’ll close now with a quote from Fargo (for you Geoff).

Marge Gunderson: So, Mike, should we get together another time?
Mike Yanagita: No!
Mike Yanagita: I’m sorry, I… I shouldn’t have done this. I shouldn’t have done this, I shouldn’t have… I thought we’d have a really terrific time.
Marge Gunderson: It’s OK, Mike.
Mike Yanagita: You were such a super lady… and I’m, I’m so lonely.

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