Oh man, we are so eating at Jim ‘N Nick’s all the time! The food was excellent. Geoff said he could go there and just smell the air. When we left we smelled like we’d be sitting by the campfire.

Since it was free and we wanted to get a good feel for the food, we ordered the half dozen cheese biscuits to start. I had the chicken fried chicken (which is essentially, fried chicken) with baked beans and fries. Brown gravy too! Geoff ordered the half rack of baby back ribs, with baked beans and collard greens. He would have liked to have the creamed spinach, but as I’m sure you’ve heard, you can’t eat spinach anywhere right now. Our meals also came with cheese biscuits. Elijah just shared our food, and it was a fine place to bring kids. He got two purple balloons (asked for purple himself). For dessert, they brought us chocolate pie (they were out of pecan). They gave us a fake bill at the end so we could see what that meal would cost.

I told Geoff I want to go for my birthday. It was just a really neat place, and boy oh boy, I could have gone there for dinner that night. It officially opens on Tuesday. They are going to be popular I’m sure.

Now that the weather is definitely Fall, we’ll start making those yummy comfort foods. Like baked macaroni, and stew. I love Fall.

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