A Time To Heal, A Time To Love

It took nine months, and then I felt that my heart was ready to love a new cat.

We took advantage of Humane Society of Boulder Valley‘s free cat weekend, to go look for our new pet. I wanted a young cat, not a kitten, but not too old so as to deal with the loss of a pet again.

We left after a few hours with Castle (previously burdened with the name Octavio).

He’s been a welcome addition to my day. Someone to chat with when the kids are at school. Someone to cuddle with on the couch or bed.

While we didn’t have to pay adoption fees, he hasn’t exactly been “free”. I ended up having to take him to the vet, first to get a well check after we adopted him, and then 10 days later when he had licked his fur right off near his tail, revealing sores.

He’s pretty good with the kids, though they still need to learn to read the signs that they are invading his space. Geoff is convinced Castle is trying to remove him from the picture, by laying in wait at the top of the stairs in the dark of early morning.

But how could you not love this guy?

Sleepy Castle

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