I was pretty lazy while Geoff was away on the weekend. I didn’t do much more than play Mario Kart, watch a ton of this seasons episodes of Lost, and read a ton of stuff on Meanwhile, he traveled to Kingston to see his beautiful cousin Karen get married to a very nice guy named CJ.

The bride

The family, minus me, the kids & Meg’s husband

He was grateful to have the time to talk to family he hasn’t seen in a while. Heck, he hasn’t seen his sister since 2005!

Mother’s Day I picked Geoff up at the airport, and we walked around Southlands. Must be spring/summer because the fountains were on. Elijah drenched himself, he was so happy. We ended up getting Jim ‘N Nick’s take out for dinner and then relaxing at home.

This week, I have my last Beth Moore meeting, and it will be our potluck. I’m going to make a pound cake. I may sign up for the summer study, depending on if I can work it into my schedule (i.e.- depends on the childcare situation).

Race day is in 20 days. Maybe you’ve been reading along with my training journal. I’m not sure what will become of it after I’m done my race. Time will tell.

I’m going to close with a quote from Burn Notice (new episodes start July 10th!)

Michael: You can learn good self-defense fighting with students in a class, but great self-defense you pick up fighting with your family.

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