Well, I’m back in Calgary after a whirlwind visit in Edmonton. Elijah has been an amazing little boy this trip, he’s been so well behaved.

We got into Edmonton on Tuesday, and just sort of spent time getting settled. Wednesday, dinner at Uncle Kim’s and Auntie Joanne’s. Every visit with them, I enjoy their company more. I think it’s also the most I’ve talked to my cousin Josh. He’s graduating high school this year, he has his grad on Tuesday night. He’s going to wear a white tux with tails and a monocle. 🙂

Thursday was lunch with Wendy at the Wonderful Garden (it was tasty) and then I made a spaghetti dinner for us at my mom’s. Friday was Lisa’s party, which was the best time ever! Lisa you rock, and thanks to all our friends who were there. I can’t remember the last time I had such a good time. That is what’s missing in Denver, our friends.

Saturday we went out to the farm, and Elijah met his great-grandparents. They adored him, and as always, Grandma put on quite the spread. We then went to Colin & Dawn’s for the night, and when Dawn fell asleep, the 3 of us played some poker. Colin won, but I want a rematch!

Tomorrow we’ll go to Banff, and Tuesday we see Mike & Meg’s place. I may try to get Geoff to post some pictures, as I’m not near my server. Athena & Lisa also took pictures, so check their blogs in a few days.

I’ll close with a quote from School Of Rock.

Dewey Finn: Sell my guitars? Would you tell Piccasso to sell his guitars?

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