School Days Part Two

Now that we are a month into the school year, I thought it was time to give you an update.

Elijah loves Kindergarten. He has had a few homework assignments, which he felt were not long enough. Slow down kid! You have years ahead to be saddled with too much homework. He’s made a few friends in his class, Bram & Cassie. I think last Friday was his best day ever, it was picture day, he got to buy popcorn and he was chosen to take home the class teddy bear, Bubba. In turn, we had to do something fun with Bubba and write about it in the Bubba book. We went to Color Me Mine and painted.

Miles, Bubba & Elijah

Miles has since changed his “school is a little bit dumb” attitude, and isn’t complaining anymore. He is thrilled when he gets chosen to be the line leader, and loves playground time. He will be working with the class speech therapist to correct his pronunciation, and I’m waiting to hear back from the school district about how we can make sure he’s seeing her more regularly. Right now, he only sees her twice a month.

With all the work & art they are bringing home I’m going to need another office box to store them in. I’m curious what other parents do with all the school work brought home. Do you save it? Do you scrapbook it? Let me know.

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