New bakery shop in Boulder

August is nearly over, can you believe it? My mom’s visit went great. We drove up to Estes Park, in the pouring rain, and shopped, ate & took in the views. Mom loved it. We then retreated to Boulder for dinner and spent the night there. Sunday morning, we discovered a brand new bakery, bought some pastries then took them to Peet’s to get coffee/tea. Did some more shopping, then headed home to go see Mamma Mia! at the movie theater at Southlands.

Things at church are complicated, but we’re staying put. Finally all the rumors were addresses, and I’m happy that it is out in the open. I plan to attend the church meeting tomorrow night, and I pray the church continues to keep people in the loop.

Elijah started preschool, and he seems to like it. I love it! I get 2+ hours of quiet time with Miles, without Elijah filling every second with sound. I’ve met a few of the parents, and I hope I can get in and volunteer soon. Get the inside scoop on how Elijah spends his morning.

I’ve been super slack on my fitness. I’m getting distracted by life, and I’m not happy with the results that yields. I think what would be best for me is to put together a training plan for the 4 mile Turkey Trot (Thanksgiving Day). And I badly want to get back up on the wall.

We watched 21 the other night. Pretty enjoyable, but it gave me a case of Vegas fever. Sigh. I have to hope it passes, since a trip to Vegas is not going to happen.

My bible study is ending this week, so I have to wait and see when the fall one starts. It was a great experience this summer, growing closer to other women, sharing in our battles, and holding each other up in prayer.

Yes, the democrats are in town, and some of their Hollywood friends. I live in the ‘burbs, so I’m not exactly bumping into Ben Affleck at Safeway. I would like to go downtown this week, enjoy the sun, try and spot a celeb. We’ll see.

I’ll close with a quote from 21.

Ben Campbell: So why are you telling me?
Micky Rosa: Well, let’s just say a spot opened up on our roster.
Ben Campbell: How?
Micky Rosa: Jimmy got a job at Google.
Ben Campbell: Jim… Jimmy got a job at Google?
Micky Rosa: Yeah, it’s catchy, I know.
Ben Campbell: Well, if you’re making so much money at this then why did he take it?
Micky Rosa: Ben, I said Google, not Sizzler.

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