October Flies By

Realized yesterday that I hadn’t blogged in weeks. And it’s not because I’ve been crazy busy, rather that life has been calm and relatively uneventful.

Miles & the bully update: haven’t seen the kid go near Miles since Miles stood up to him. I did scour Elijah’s school directory, and discovered the boy is in Kindergarten. Thanks to everyone who gave support and comments on the issue.

Miles & speech therapy: If you could pray for it to move along a little quicker, that would be great. Right now he’s only seeing the speech therapist twice a month, but obviously that is not going to cut it. His teacher Ms. Kim said I should expect to hear from the Child Find people around mid-November, to discuss the evaluations. We’re continuing to help him as best we can at home.

We’re off to Nick’s Garden Center today for a preschool field trip. Elijah has no school today so he’s crashing the field trip. Also on today’s agenda is to make some progress on Elijah’s costume.

Yesterday was the 7th anniversary of losing Dad. I listened to 60s music and Motown. I still really miss him.

Now you are up to date.

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