My Own Version Of American Idol

Picture this:

A young girl, 16 or 17 years old, sees an ad for the chance to audition for a musical theatre company in her home town. Having gained a little confidence in choir class, she sets out to pursue her dream of singing and acting. She finds a pop song, one that she thinks would showcase her voice and practices for weeks.

The day of the audition, she heads down to the location. Frightened, she can hear a piano and other singers taking their shot. Shaky, her turn has comes. She enters a room, empty, except for a pianist and three very serious faces.

The piano begins to play, and the fear of this moment has been realized. Somehow she strains to sing the song, and time is moving so fast. Just trying to concentrate on the song is all consuming.

Once it is over, she feels awkward. She is told her choice of song wasn’t appropriate (they didn’t want a pop song). And in a Simon Cowell-esque tone, she is told even with lessons, they would not take her.

Defeated, she thanks them, and leaves the room. She leaves the building, and finally is able to cry.

Looking back, she is thankful that the only witnesses were those four people. Can you imagine, pouring your heart out on television?

As of this date, the young woman has sung in public a few times, but mostly uses her voice to entertain herself and her children. She is determined to take singing lessons someday.

One thought on “My Own Version Of American Idol

  1. I find it fascinating you wrote this from a third person point of view prospective. Some shrink would have a hayday with that. 🙂

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