Since I’m playing single mom this week, I’m filling my evenings with reading some books and watching Soap. It’s so funny!

I have been trying to find the right words to share with an anonymous reader, who apparently visits here to get info on someone other than me. Cyber-stalker, get over yourself. She’s not coming back, she’s in love with a wonderful man, and doing creepy things… doesn’t win a woman back. Trust me!

I won’t say the internet isn’t good for finding people, but it shouldn’t be used for evil. I have found and reconnected with a few old friends. If nothing else, I’ve been able to get a recap on their lives, and that’s where it ends. If you read this blog, and you want to say hi, by all means do so. I won’t promise we’ll be tight friends, but I will respond to your email. 🙂

I had a great weekend, despite having to say goodbye to Geoff. Kelly & Roman were so much fun to hang with. We played Clue Museum Caper and Trivial Pursuit (Canadian Edition), and we ate tasty food. Did you know there are only two Earl’s in the U.S.? One happens to be beside Park Meadows mall.

It was a hot weekend, and today it snowed. We are suppose to get back to warm weather by Thursday.

I’ll close with a quote from Soap.

Mary Gatling Dallas Campbell: I have one son who’s about to become my daughter, another son whom people are trying to kill, I have a lunatic stepson and a dummy living in my home and a husband who won’t make love to me. That’s not life, that’s something by Tennessee Williams!

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