It’s Almost Over?

Man, why are weekends only two days long? 🙁

Yesterday we took a trip down to Cherry Creek, were lucky enough to get a table at Peet’s and enjoy some warm beverages. It was pretty windy out, so walking around wasn’t all that fun. We went into Sears where Geoff drooled over power tools, and I looked at garden stuff. Mostly neat things I could put in the backyard. I always remind myself I don’t have to have everything now, we’re going to be in this house for a while, so I can slowly transform areas to better suit my taste. Next we hit Bed, Bath & Beyond, where we bought a better rice cooker. Our old one would spill rice fluid because the glass lid had no seal to hold it tight. We bought a Zojirushi, which Geoff says is a good brand, and it got good reviews online. Here’s what it looks like:

We also picked up a coffee carafe (or airpot if you like), to keep coffee warm and off the element when we have company over. Our friends like to drink coffee (we do too), and it’s nice if you can keep it from burning.

I took Gary in for a car wash yesterday. I was going to hand wash him, but as I mentioned it was windy, and we were concerned that the water in the driveway might have frozen overnight, making for unpleasant driving.

Well, I should get ready for church. We watched Jaws last night, so I’ll close with a quote from that.

Ellen Brody: Martin hated the water. He won’t go in the water and he sits in the car when we go on the ferry to the mainland. There’s a clinical name for what he has, I think it’s…
Brody: Drowning.

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