In The Event Of An Actual Emergency…

Don’t rely on the police.


Sigh. (shaking my head) I left the house for 5 minutes, and the alarm went off. The alarm company called Geoff, who had no idea I wasn’t home, and said yes, send the police. So he called me and told me go home, the police are coming. What happened? It’s a frustrating story I don’t want to divulge. Needless to say, I spent 45 MINUTES waiting for the police to show, in the cold. I couldn’t wait in the car, Elijah was crying and it was starting to drive me batty. He hates being in the car, strapped in if we aren’t moving. So the police finally show up, and I explain to them what happened, and I show them my ID to prove this is my house, and I am able to go get Geoff and have to push my errand until after I get him. It made for a later than scheduled evening, so we went to Chick-Fil-A for dinner.

This is why Geoff wants a gun. Because if we get a burglar in the middle of the night, and the alarm doesn’t scare him away, Geoff wants the security of being able to defend his family. You know, rather than wait 45 minutes for the cops to show up and do something.

In my experience the fire dept is much faster. We live down the road from a fire station, so I know they are our firefighters. Where we live we sort of border two cities, so we’re not sure the correct police dept is being sent.

I can’t totally agree with Flavor Flav. But 911 is a joke, sometimes.

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