How Are You?

We’re okay. I was super angry the rest of that drive home, and maybe for 10 minutes after that. Mostly because I felt like there was nothing I could do to this guy’s driving record. Geoff said even if we took him to small claims court, the only witness was a homeless girl, and the judge would say, “why would he be backing up when he’s pulling a trailer?”, and my answer would be “EXACTLY!”

So Steve McQueen has only sustained a bent license plate frame. It all happened so slowly. It was much scarier this winter when I drove Gary into a snowbank during the blizzard season.

Elijah has a cold, so we’re trying to hang out here and keep his germs confined. If he’s better by Thursday, we’ll go to the Nature Center.

Geoff bought his ticket for Erich’s wedding in October. I so wish I was going too, but there is no money for that. I know the family (i.e.- Kroliks) will take good care of him. Now will I survive 5 days as a single mom of two?

I’ll close with a quote from Wild Wild West.

Artemus Gordon: Oh, look. My auxiliary tool kit, I forgot all about it. It must have fallen out of my pocket.
Capt. James West: Your pocket? Why wasn’t it on some spring-loaded contraption that shoots out your ass?
Artemus Gordon: That’s the first place Loveless would have looked.

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