Going To California

I leave early tomorrow morning for (hopefully) sunny California. A welcome break from snowy, slushy, yucky Colorado. I’m going to miss Geoff and Elijah, but it will be nice to be Melissa for a few days, instead of Mommy.

We ventured out into the real world as a family. Real world meaning out of our neighborhood. The roads are in pretty good shape, it seems just our neighborhood is stuck in the crap. We went out to Cherry Creek and it was nice to be around people. We swung by our old Safeway to pick a few provisions for the boys, as the next snow storm is going to hit tomorrow, we wanted to be sure to have plenty of milk and eggs on hand. On the trip home, we visited Home Depot. We were not able to get everything there we wanted. As you enter the store, there is a sign alerting you that they are out of snow shovels, snow blowers, and ice melt. What can you do.

I contacted the county to let them know my disapproval of their attitude “we don’t plow residential streets” and essentially said you better hope there isn’t an emergency on our streets because I doubt emergency vehicles could get through to us. Fat lot of good it’ll do, but at least I said something. We got mail today, that makes two deliveries since last Tuesday. Whoo-hoo! (shaking my head in disappointment). Now we just need to get the trash picked up.

Keep us all in your prayers. Let’s hope this next storm isn’t as bad. Obviously with me taking the camera to the wedding, there won’t be any new pictures of the storm in the Blizzard 2006 picture file. But I added some more today.

Gotta go spend some time with the hubby. Since I doubt I’ll get around to it on Sunday, Happy New Year!

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