Fort Collins

Old Town Fort Collins

We traveled up to Fort Collins this weekend for Geoff to run in the Ft Collins Marathon. It’s about a 90 minute drive north of here. Lovely town, and I would have liked to be able to see more and dine at some of the interesting place we saw. We had our pasta dinner at Canino’s, which was located in an old house. Geoff dined on spinach lasagna, I partook in the pesto pollo. The warm fresh rolls were delicious. Service was great, and we were even greeted by the owner, Clyde Canino. If you’re headed that way, you must check it out!

It rained as we were leaving the restaurant, and continued to do so through the night. It made for a beautiful Sunday morning, great weather for watching a race. We got there in plenty of time to see Geoff finish his race (you can read his race story on his blog). We headed back to our hotel for him to shower up before we headed back home.

The town was bigger than I expected, I guess I thought it was smaller. What I did see of the CSU campus was very nice. Old Town Ft Collins reminded me a little of Pearl Street in Boulder, with less hippies.

Now I’m on the hunt for another Colorado city to visit on a day trip.

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