For The Few

I think Christmas shopping would be way less stressful if…
1. I didn’t have to ship gifts. Then I could take my time buying them, not worrying about sending them off beginning of December. Also I wouldn’t be limited by shape or size.
2. The people I shopped for didn’t already buy themselves whatever they want 24/7. Then I could shop year round, without fear of a duplicate gift.

Aside from that, I am looking forward to a fun holiday season. The boys are older, and they can help out more. For example, Elijah put stickers on all the envelopes of the Christmas cards. They both will be able to help with the Christmas cookie cut outs, and hanging of ornaments.

Some Christmas traditions we hope to enjoy are visiting Santa, and going to see Zoo Lights. This year, we hope to take in the Parade of Lights downtown. We’ll bundle up, bring our camping chairs, and enjoy the parade.

I can’t wait to receive Christmas cards & letters from friends, so I can hear all about how everyone’s year has been.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and it will just be the four of us this year. We sent out many offers to share our feast, but everyone left town for the holiday. There will be turkey sandwiches for weeks! It will truly be a time to look on how thankful and blessed we are.

Happy Thanksgiving friends!

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