Christmas Spirit

I think I’ve exhausted my pictures. But it was fun to look back and see how young everyone looked.

I feel like Christmas should be done by now. It feels like I’ve been waiting forever. I am most looking forward to Christmas Eve service. It’s the reflective time, and nearness of God in the songs we sing, and the love you can feel, or miss. Christmas Eve service makes me cry, it makes me miss my dad. But I feel God’s presence, and that comforts me.

Yes I hate the commercialism of Christmas. I hate that people use songs about Jesus, change the lyrics and use them to sell cars. I was so annoyed at this lady on tv, who has like the world’s largest collection of Santa memorabilia. And she just announces that she has the most Christmas spirit of anyone. That bugs me. You can’t just say you have the most Christmas spirit because you collect Christmas stuff. I think if you have Christmas spirit, it shows with your actions. That’s just what I think.

I’m tired of a society that boasts their traits, I’m this, or I’m that. Let your life be your witness.

Anyways, I hope you all have the kind of Christmas you want. And if you can’t, make the most of what you have, make special memories, and be sure to tell people you love them. 🙂

I love ya guys (most of you anyways).

I’m closing with a quote I found from The Daily Show.

But really let’s face it, all other days bow down to the 25th: Christmas. It’s the only religious holiday that’s also a Federal holiday. That way Christians can go to their services and everyone else can stay home and reflect on the true meaning of Separation of Church and State.

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