Get A Job: Online Applications

I’m all for online applications, but I don’t think it should be the only way to get information. It took me several attempts to get the websites to accept my resume, and some of the attempts never went through.

My biggest complaint about the online applications I filled out was that many fields were required to be completed. One such field was who past supervisors were, and could they contact them. Since I haven’t worked since 2005, the people I worked under have also moved on. You can’t even contact the Harry & David I worked for, the store closed right after I left.

One place I submitted an online application to, I also visited in person. I figure it strengthens my application if I give them a face to go with the name. I believe I’m better in person than on paper. I can also explain that while I have not worked in several years, I have been a mom & volunteer.

As the job hunt continues, I’ll keep you posted. I also welcome any advice. ๐Ÿ™‚

Freedom On My Bike

Geoff has a dream. It is me, riding free and happy on a bike.

With two small kids, who can not yet ride bikes solo, it hasn’t happened. But in a few days, both kids will be in school, leaving me to at least 2 hours of alone time.

So I have Jane, my bike, but if I wanted to pop onto to my bike and head to the grocery store, I had no way to transport those goods home.

Until now.

View from back of bike


Elijah holds the bike to show off my new bag

Basket open


Oh, the places I will go. ๐Ÿ™‚


There is a hole in my heart, where once there was a soft furry loved one.

My cat died. Honey Cat.

In December 2001, Geoff and I talked about getting a cat. But we didn’t want to get one before Christmas. So we waited until January. We visited the Irvine Animal Care Center, and met a few cats. None of them were right. We left feeling a little disappointed. The staff told us, “come back tomorrow, and get to know Honey Cat. We think she’d be a good fit.” We returned the next day, and waited for her in the “get acquainted” room. She was so cute, a 4 year old tabby. I called to her, to come sit on my lap. She came. The first cat to respond to me. I knew she was the one. We made arrangements to bring her home.

First days at home

And like that, she’s was in our lives. We took so many pictures of her, everything she did was so adorable. The way she slept in a sunbeam. How she would stand on her back legs to barked at the birds and squirrels. Everyone who met her, adored her.

She transitioned fairly well after the move to Colorado. She found new favorite spots to nap. And when Elijah came along, she didn’t seem to mind, too much.

As she got older, she became less playful. But in the winter months, she was always searching for a warm lap to curl up in.

The last few months, we’d seen her showing her age (13). And we knew our time with her was numbered.

A visit to the vet this week confirmed it was time to say goodbye. We were not ready. I spent the day crying and moping, telling Geoff he had to make the call, I couldn’t say the words. That night, praying with the kids, I thanked God that we got to love her, that she had been in our lives. Miles cried, “I want her to stay with us forever”. Elijah tried to console him by saying, Miles, “she gets to be an angel cat”.

The morning of the appt, I just pet her and kissed her. Touching her soft fur, tears streaming down my cheeks. Geoff had to take her in, I was far too emotional to go. As he drove away with her, I saw her face in the car and lost it. Geoff was there, he saw her last moments. When the life left her eyes. And she was gone.ย When he returned, we held each other and cried. It was a the loss of someone dear to us. The child before there were offspring.

The house feels strange to me. I see the places she liked to lie, but she’s not there. I can’t bear to remove her water and food dish, though they sit empty. I turn corners expecting to see her. I wait at night to hear her tags jingle, but there is just silence. Elijah left a stuffed animal on the floor, and for a split second, I thought it was her.

I pray this gets easier. I pray that I won’t forget how soft her fur was, the sound of her purring. The sweet kisses she would give me on my cheek.

Rest In Peace Honey Cat. We loved you very much.

Our sweet girl


Colorado Camping

Family Camping Pic

Summer. It means we’re out camping. Our favorite spot is Golden Gate Canyon State Park. Just outside of Golden, it’s a real gem. We booked our site in March, allowing us to know we’d have a spot come June.

We really lucked out with the weather, it was perfect. Perhaps we can put the Armstrong curse (rain!) to rest.

We even took advantage of the talks put on by the naturalist. The first night, we learned about black bears. Prizes were awarded for correct answers, and we helped the boys score some granola bars.

The next day, the boys & I planted a letterbox, and attended the talk on pollinators. We went back that night to hear some stories, such as the Navajo story of the night sky creation.

On our last day, I convinced the family to hike up Mt Galbraith to hunt for a letterbox. The views it afforded made it worth while!

Enough words, here are some pics.

Camping Buddies

Dude's Fishing Hole

Hiking/Letterboxing on Mt Galbraith


Where I Am

I didn’t mean for 20 days to go by without blogging. I just haven’t been able to narrow down what I wanted to say.

In the time I’ve been MIA, we had a lovely drama-free trip to Canada. People who had never met Miles finally got to. This trip was too short, unless you count the long hours my loving husband drove there & back. I assure you, that portion of the trip was not too short. And Montana is beautiful!

Ask Elijah what was his favorite part about the trip to Alberta?

“the day I got to eat 2 donuts!” (a visit to Tim Horton’s with Gramma)

I promise to get back to blogging again soon. Once school gets going and I get two hours of freedom from Wingus & Dingus.


It was brought to my attention on the weekend, that I may have unrealistic expectations about our trip to Canada. Silly me, I thought it would be a trip without guilt. But Geoff assured me, having been away for 5 years, that it’s likely to come up.

Really? I hoped that the fact that I came would placate these people.

So now I’m stressed. And that’s stupid. What good does it serve me to be stressed about people being pissed at me? I can’t change how people will feel.

In any case, I’m pushing that aside and looking forward to seeing my family. If they wanna pay for me to travel there more frequently, maybe we can start a fund.

I just really wanted my grandparents to meet Miles. And I want to visit my dad’s grave. Though the thought of it makes me want to cry.

This may be an emotional trip.