Rather than take the summer off, my bible study opted to do a book club by our favorite bible study teacher Beth Moore. The book is called So Long Insecurity, You’ve Been A Bad Friend To Us.

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I’m sure you can figure out what it is about. For a group of women to get together and hopefully find some healing would be a powerful thing. Of course I have insecurities. Heck, my insecurities have insecurities. The thought of facing these things head on scares me. I hate to allow myself to feel vulnerable (another insecurity?), but I hope by summer’s end that I will have made some progress. I don’t want to live this way, I can’t imagine anyone does.

I will let you know how it goes, and whether the book is worth your time. I wouldn’t steer you wrong. 🙂 But keep me, and the other ladies in your prayers.