Can You Believe It?

Just the thought of the Oilers advancing to the Stanley Cup playoffs makes me feel giddy inside. I realize they are two wins away from that, but still. I probably spent 50 minutes talking hockey with Colin yesterday. I’m just sad that I’m not in Edmonton to be a part of the excitement. Colin says it’s really brought the city together. He’s been lucky enough to be at Game 6 against the Red Wings and the Sharks. Lucky bum!

Tonight is the House season finale. The preview they showed last week nearly knocked me off the couch! I’ve fought the urge all day today to look up spoilers. It will pay off I’m sure, the episode features House getting shot, and House shooting someone. I have my suspicions about what the episode may hold. But what will I do all summer? 🙁 Maybe I better buy House season one to get me through.

In Top Chef news, it’s down to two. Harold & Tiffani. I hope Harold wins. I did watch the reunion show (twice), and I have to say I have changed my mind about Stephen. He came across as a much different person, someone you might even want to be friends with. Ah, the power of editing. I know how the media can twist things to make them more sensational, so I shouldn’t be surprised. Unfortunately for Tiffani, the reunion didn’t change her domineering persona. Perhaps she too is a much different person. In any case, I’ll be rooting for Harold to win on Wednesday night.

A lot of the chefs have been through the Culinary Institute in NYC, and I’m thrilled that Lexi is going there next year. I’m so proud of her! I’m hoping we’ll get out to NYC to see her once she’s there. We may end up meeting up with several Kroliks there. 🙂 It’s still in the dreaming phase, calm down.

We’re having meatloaf for dinner tonight, but I need to go start on the potatoes. I’ll close with a quote from House.

House: “You’re upset that I’m doing clinic hours? Wow, that is so like rain on your wedding day.”

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