Ahhh California

Sigh. I’m having a wonderful time. I think we all are. Elijah loves having so many people to pay attention to him and fawn over him. I’ll work on getting some pictures up soon.

The marathon was a really neat experience. It was so much fun to watch (until the end), and to see Geoff and be able to cheer for him was awesome. Jen & Sean were great helping out with Elijah, driving all over San Diego, and Sean sharing with Geoff that he knew all that Geoff went through. Afterwards we aimed to go to In-N-Out, but with half the roads closed for the marathon, it just wasn’t gonna happen. We ended up at this diner called Brian’s. The food was yummy, and the portions were huge, I could have gone the rest of the day without food.

Sunday night we walked all along the harbor area taking in the sights and just getting fresh air. We had a small dinner out there, I had a salad, Geoff had clam chowder (in a bread bowl naturally). I can’t wait to get back to San Diego again, it’s such a neat town.

We drove safely (and in good time) up to Irvine. Geoff spent the afternoon at UCI (congrats Ryan!) and Cindy, Elijah & I took Amy out to lunch. Amy suggested Mustard (a deli) and I had a very tasty 3 cheese and pesto panini. I totally want a panini press now! I got all the wedding details then we dropped Amy back off at work and went to pick Abbie & Alec up from school. We had First Class Pizza for dinner, then Elijah went to bed, Cindy stayed here, and we took Abbie, Alyssa & Lexi to the church’s softball game. After softball, we met Alec, Ashley, Chris, Ali, & Kevin at Coldstone. It was a pretty good day.

Today should be more low-key. Elijah is napping, then we’ll go visit everyone at WCC this afternoon. At some point this week we have to get back to UCI because apparently they wanted to see me & Elijah as well.

Yes, I know about Roli. I wasn’t able to see the game, I’ll try and catch one this week. I was so upset, and a little mad about the whole thing. Now if the Oil pull this off (Jake says it could be a miracle), I will be impressed. I better get on praying (I’ve actually been praying for the Oilers the whole playoffs).

I’ll close with a quote from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Mr. Ryan: It seems to me the only thing you’ve learned is that Caesar is a “salad dressing dude.”

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