A Little More

Each day, we’re getting a little more sleep, as Elijah sleeps better. His cold is getting better faster than I expected, so we’re definitely make it to Mom To Mom this week. Myrna is giving me one of her old gates, we both just have to remember to connect. 🙂

I’d been meaning to write about the super tasty yummy dinner Geoff made on Monday night. We weren’t sure what we’d be eating, and despite having gone shopping on the weekend, we couldn’t come up with a meal. I made salads and Geoff made a cheesesteak sandwich that we shared. Oh my! It was so good. When we finished, we just looked at each other wishing there was more. Mmmm.

Saturday night was the reception for my cousin Angela’s wedding. I have heard virtually nothing about it, since both my mom & Dawn missed out by being sick that night. I’ll have to call Colin to get some details. This would have been the first time he met Angela’s husband Craig. I’d love to see some pictures, but that may not happen until I get up across the border.

I’m still fighting the travel bug. It’s worse now that Geoff has been to San Fran, and talks about wishing we were there. I’ve got my eyes focused on SoCal though. We need to set dates some point soon, but I got some fun news about San Diego. Our friends Sean & Jen are going to come and watch the marathon with Elijah and I, showing us the best spots to see it. So that’ll be cool. I was looking into hotels in San Diego since I hope we’ll stay there more than a day. I would love to see Anna & Francesco’s baby Julia, who was born last year.

We’ll definitely take Elijah to Disneyland for the first time while we are there. Anyone who wants to join us is more than welcome (the more the merrier). Sure he won’t remember it much, but it’ll be fun for us. I’ll go picture crazy! (Glen- you’ll be thrilled to know Disneyland opened your favorite ride, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster!)

I’m going to close with a quote from The Matrix Reloaded.
Agent Smith: The best thing about being me… There are so many “me”s.

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