I’m Popular

Had a good day at the museum. I also got a few nice emails today. It’s nice to be thought of. It a beautiful day out, and I hope it will be again tomorrow. I got a few books out of the library last week that I hope to tackle this week. I also hope to get together with some of the girls in our church small group.

Didn’t do too much this weekend. The calm before the storm (the trip to Edmonton). I dread leaving the kitty, but more than that I feel a little stressed about it all. I am trying to not think about it, and adopt the idea that some people will be disappointed by not having dinner with us. There are only so many nights in a week. It wouldn’t be so bad if people came down here to visit, but if I had to put money on anyone visiting, it would be Heather. My mom hopes to come in the fall (as do the in-laws), which would be good. Colin & Dawn hope to visit next summer, which would be ideal, especially if they have a baby to visit.

Johnny Depp won best actor at the SAG Awards! I did not see that coming. I didn’t really watch, I just flipped to it once in a while. Was thrilled that Tony Shalhoub won for Best Actor (Monk), and the cast of ROTK won for Best Ensemble Film Acting.

I guess that’s all I have to say. We’ve been watching season three of Family Guy, so I’ll close with some quotes from this show.

Peter Griffin: NOOOOOO. Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids. Damn longears, trying to take Easter away from Jesus.


Chris Griffin: Where do you think you go when you die?

Southern boy: I learned from church that if you’re good you go to heaven but if you’re bad, you go to a place where the dead believe they’re still living and they pray for death but death won’t come.

Chris Griffin: UPN?


Peter Griffin: We love the Bible in this house.

Francis Griffin: Really. What’s your favorite book of the Bible?

Peter Griffin: Uhhhhh… the book where Jesus swallows the puzzle piece and the man in the yellow hat has to take him to the hospital.

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