Who’s the obsessive-compulsive dick that’s a total mess with all his ticks?

Monk! (you’re damn right)

Who’s the cat who solves the crime when the cops don’t have the time?

Monk! (can you dig it?)

They say that cat Monk is afraid of germs (wipe your mouth).

New episodes of Monk begin tonight! This is the continuation of season two, which left off in August (I think). The point is it’s been a while, and I’ve missed it. It’s one of the funniest shows on tv, right up there with Scrubs.

Top Five Monk Episodes

1. Mr. Monk Goes To Mexico

2. Mr. Monk And The Candidate

3. Mr. Monk And The Earthquake

4. Mr. Monk And The Very, Very Old Man

5. Mr Monk And The Sleeping Suspect

It was hard to pick just five, as each episode offers so much humor. Get hooked on it now, “you’ll thank me later”.

We took Honey to the vet yesterday. We were sad we had to find a new one, as we love Dr. Jen. But Irvine’s a little far to drive for an appt. The vet was very impressed with Honey, and praised us for the diet we’ve kept her on. Hey, it was Dr. Jen’s doing, we just stuck with it. When we got Honey, she weighed 11 1/2 pounds. She’s now at 6 pounds 13 onz. 🙂 We’re so proud of her. But next month she’ll have to visit the kitty dentist. Hearing the vet talk about the procedure, I started laughing. Just picturing the little I.V. and catheter seemed funny to me. But if it means she’ll have healthy teeth, and a long life, it’s worth it. She’s our baby girl. 🙂

I’ll close with a quote from Mr. Monk Goes To Mexico.

Adrian Monk: He was the thirsty victim…

Sharona Fleming: Adrian!

Adrian Monk: I mean he was the perfect victim…

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