Copper Mountain High

We’re going to Copper Mountain this weekend! Whoo-hoo! Geoff will spend Saturday skiing, we’ll have dinner there and then spend the night, coming home Sunday. This will be my first trip to any mountain here in Colorado, and while obviously I can’t go skiing, I will hang out by a fireplace with my book, or go for a swim in the athletic center there. What’s the occasion you ask? Well, Geoff needs to make use of his ski pass, and we are celebrating 8 years of wedded bliss this month (Feb. 15).

Went to Peet’s today and had a pot of Golden Monkey. Doesn’t that sound like something that would make Bucky Katt go nuts? It was excellent, but I would never buy a tin of it. It’s a rare tea, so it’s very expensive. But I was able to enjoy a pot of it for $3 (plus tax).

I don’t think I want to write about the whole gay-marriage issue going on in Canada, but I’m reading about it on Chris wrote about it on his blog though. I also don’t really want to write about Ward Churchill. It may not be big news where you are, but here it’s huge! Here’s the story, a professor at CU Boulder made some comments in a book he wrote (and also in an essay I think) where he likened the victims of 9/11 to Nazis. He also said that America was asking for the attack by the way they conduct themselves. I think that’s the jist of the story. I am very curious to see what the Regents will decide tomorrow about him. The thing Geoff and I were wondering is whether or not he is imposing his views on his students. If yes, then he should be fired. But if he isn’t, then do they really have grounds? I read a statement he published, and he still comes across negatively. The governor has called the university to can him, which Geoff finds a little funny as the state hardly gives any money to post secondary institutions. I’m so tired of people screaming about free speech. It’s enough to make me not pay attention to the news anymore. Sigh.

Alright, I’m closing with a quote from Ed, which I am so hooked on.

Judge: Mr. Stevens, where’s your attorney?

Ed Stevens: Actually, Your Honor, I’m representing myself in this matter.

Judge: Haven’t you heard the saying, “He who represents himself has a fool for a client?”

Ed Stevens: Yes sir, I have, and I tried my best to convince me not to hire me to represent myself, but I simply refused to listen to me.

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