2nd Christmas and Yes I’m Still Sick

We celebrated Christmas (again) and a good time was had by all. What a haul we all got. I got a tons of books and DVD’s. Easy to pack up and bring home.

WARNING! The next paragraph may be too graphic for some readers.

I am still sick. Food is mostly staying down, I’m mostly coughing up phlegm. I was able to get a bit more sleep last night, but I coughed enough to make food come up at 3am. I sound awful, but when I’m in between coughing fits, I feel more like myself.

I do hope to be even 20% better for tomorrow since I will be seeing my Auntie Laurie, and the family has plans to visit Butchart Gardens and enjoy a fancy dinner there. Auntie Laurie is not really my aunt, she’s a friend the family has known forever. She went to high school with my dad. I haven’t seen her in close to 15 years. That would also be the last time I saw Butchart Gardens. We’ve gone a few times as a family, but this will be Geoff’s first time. It will be great to share this with him.

I’d love to post some pics from the trip thus far, but I am unable to. You’ll have to wait until Wednesday.

I’m going to close with a quote from one of the movies I got for Christmas, While You Were Sleeping.

Priest: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to…

Lucy: I object.

Saul: Oh, geez.

Priest: I didn’t get to that part yet.

Jack: I would have to object too.

Priest: What about you?

Peter: I’m thinking!

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