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We started a baby blog for our new addition. I figured for those who want all those details, they can go there. Then my blog can still be about me. The baby blog is at There is also a link to it from this page.

Celebrity Poker Showdown. How thrilled was I to catch a rerun of last week’s episode and see Bobby Flay go out first! Ha Ha! I really don’t like Bobby Flay (or as we call him Knobby Flay). Tonight’s episode, I’m rooting for Hank Azaria.

Last Comic Standing. Tonight, we’ll find out who advances to the final 3. Tuesday night, I used up my 3 votes on Jay London, Alonzo Bodden, and Gary Gulman. I really like John Heffon, so it was tough to choose between him and Gary, but I enjoyed Gary’s set better that night. I just really, really, don’t want Tammy to advance.

Joe Schmo 2. Gerald (Jono) got the boot. I was sad to see him go, but the show isn’t real, so how can you feel bad? I can’t believe I got sucked into watching this show. If you take out all the stuff they put in to appeal to “guys”, I’d enjoy it more. As such, I usually flip to another channel until they are done doing their thing.

It’s been really hot here, shock! Last night was awesome, it got windy, and cooled off nicely. We had dinner out at the Squealing Pig with Anna, visiting from San Diego. Then ended off with dessert at Cold Stone.

Today all I have planned is to watch Mona Lisa Smile, tidy the house, and maybe take a trip up to the mall.

I’ll close with a quote from Runaway Bride.

Maggie Carpenter: Bless me Father for I have sinned. My last confession was…well. Anyway, I have sorta a technical question. I’ve been having bad thoughts, really bad thoughts.

Priest Brian: Of an impure nature?

Maggie Carpenter: No, No, I want to destroy this man’s life, career everything. I want revenge. Now on a sins scale how bad is that? Can I Hail Mary my way out of that?

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