Random Button Fun

Here’s a fun one:

1. Open your MP3 player

2. Put all your music on random play

3. Write down the first fifteen, no matter how embarrassing.

Karen Kamon “Manhunt” (Flashdance soundtrack)

Creed “Ode” (My Own Prison)

Sloan “Penpals” (Twice Removed)

Barenaked Ladies “If I Had A $1000000” (Gordon)

Toad The Wet Sprocket “Crazy Life” (Coil)

The Watchmen “He’s Gone” (Silent Radar)

Barenaked Ladies “War On Drugs” (Everything To Everyone)

The Cast Of Buffy The Vampire Slayer “What You Feel” (Once More, With Feeling)

The Beatles “You Can’t Do That” (A Hard Day’s Night)

BoDeans “Closer To Free” (Party Of Five Soundtrack)

ApologetiX “Babylona” (Keep The Change)

The Blues Brothers “Jailhouse Rock” (Blues Brothers Soundtrack)

Melissa Etheridge “Ain’t It Heavy” (Never Enough)

Josh Groban “Never Let Go” (Closer)

Mars Hill “Mr. Moresby” (Mars Hill)

Okay some of that is a little embarrassing. You can see how well my shuffle button works.

There was a light rain all day yesterday, and this morning, we woke to snow & ice. Any plans I had to drive today are out the window. I may walk to Cherry Creek Mall today, if I think I’ll be warm enough. Other than that, my plans are to write some letters, watch some DVDs, and check my email way too many times. 🙂

I’ll close with two quotes from Orange County. I thought it was a great movie, Colin Hanks & Jack Black are awesome.

Lance: Dude, I never went to college and check me out. I’m kick ass!


Lance: It was, it was a total electrical fire, it as like a the switches had sparks comin’ out and the sockets an a… it was like the fourth of July man.

Firefighter: Why aren’t you wearin’ your pants Joe?

Lance: I tripped and and then I had to take them off to run faster out of the flames.

Coral Reef Adventure

We saw the new IMAX movie Coral Reef Adventure last night. It was really good. It made Geoff pine for the ocean though. It wasn’t as busy as I expected at the museum last night for members night. We pretty much had all of Space Odyssey to ourselves. It was so beautiful here yesterday, I was able to walk around in just a t-shirt. And I had no hassles at the bank depositing a Canadian cheque. Usually it’s a long process, as they don’t know what to do. But I called in advance to make sure there would be someone who knew what they were doing.

I had the strangest dreams last night. First let me say, I almost always remember what I dream, though I never remember how they start, I can sometimes remember how they end. Okay the first dream I was part of a security guard team at a school. And John Cusack was one too, and I think he was kinda sweet on me. But I didn’t have time to ask him about it because there was a Code 4. We meant that an animal had gotten out of it’s cage. Yeah, there was a zoo at the school (don’t ask). So I’m yelling in my walkie-talkie clear that area. I get to the scene, and the Yeti has jumped over his cage, and is in the wolf habitat. Seems that the wolf stole the Yeti’s baby, and now they are fighting. So I enter the habitat to try to find where the wolf hid the baby. And try not to get killed. I’m climbing all over rocks and stuff. It ends at some point, but I think I may have been successful.

Next dream, I’m on a school bus, heading out on a school trip. An end of the year celebration, and we’re going to an amusement park. It kind of looks like Six Flags. The bus isn’t very full, and everyone seems to have musical instruments. The guy in the seat in front of me has a recorder. We get the park, and we file right into a line for a roller coaster. I claim I’ve been on it before and it’s scary, but I like the feeling of being scared. I sit in the car, and the next person in line may or may not have been this guy Aaron I knew in grade nine. He looked like him, I think. Anyways, he moves to the next seat, and I ask “aren’t you going to sit with me?” He says no, he wants to sit with his friend. But I tell him he has to sit with me because this ride scares me, and I can’t ride alone. So he sits with me. The ride starts, and now there must be two of me, because I’m on the platform watching the roller coaster go. I tell the people on the platform, “if you listen, you can hear me screaming”. I see the coaster go upside down, and I know I must be freaking out, because I hate rides that go upside down. Once it had finished one lap, it stops to let me off because I won’t stop screaming. I walk towards myself, and one of us is saying something I always say “I don’t go on rides where the floor drops and I’m stuck against a wall, if it goes too fast, or if it goes upside down.”

Now I’m in a different part of the park, and everyone wants to go on some ride that looks dumb to me. So I pass. Then I come across a skit of sorts going on. They want me to play along, and I have to solve some mystery. They keep following me, until I solve it, and then I ditch them. I’m walking, and I look beside me to see Dave Glasel walking with me. I ask him what we should do. He says let’s get a deck of cards and play. I tell him “we haven’t played cards together since…” and I’m trying to recall, but it seems forever ago. I wake up, and the alarm is going to go off in a minute.

I don’t really give much thought as to why I dream what I do. I find most of the time, like last night, it’s jibberish.

Dr. Wong: Lloyd, what do you think about the dream?

Lloyd: I think she should stop telling it at dinner parties to all our friends.

So you didn’t think that’s what you’d get when started reading this, huh? 🙂 I got some movies out of the library to watch, Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind, Gross Anatomy (which I’ve seen before), & Murder By Numbers. I also am going to pick up Family Guy Season 3 today. It’s suppose to rain today, so I’m going to get on my errands before that makes the roads slick. I’ll take rain over snow. Work yesterday was good, busy.

I’ll sign off and end with a quote from Scrubs:

J.D.: What the hell…?

[The Janitor and Troy stand over J.D.’s mangled bike, a crowbar and a bat in hand.]

Janitor: It’s a riddle! Two guys destroyed your bike with a crowbar and a bat. One of ’em wasn’t me!

The Passion Of Mel Gibson

Watched the ABC special interview with Mel Gibson. Geoff went off to read and missed it, which was probably good, as he can get worked up about stupid people. Diane Sawyer came across stupid, and annoying. Mel came across as the intellectual, compassionate guy he is. She wasn’t all the interested in the movie as she was in getting dirt on Mel. Now, here are the facts as I understand them: they filmed for over 5 hours, Mel apparently asked them to turn off the cameras several times to recompose himself and his thoughts, and it was edited down to an hour of television. With my limited experience in television (I don’t count the time I was on the Peter Hill show), I know from my experience being written about in the Orange County Register, that the media often takes things out of context, and can manipulate your words. They paint the picture they want painted, and that’s what the masses are fed. So I took everything with a grain of salt. She asked him if he was an anti-semite, and why not put a disclaimer at the end of the film to tell people not to hate or blame the Jews. Mr. Gibson says he’s a Christian, and it’s in Christianity to love your neighbors, and he does (my paraphrase). As for the disclaimer, he said he wouldn’t put one there, because that would be saying there was something wrong with his movie, that it was putting out a negative message. Gibson said, “It’s about faith, hope, love and forgiveness. That’s what this film is about. It’s about Christ’s sacrifice.”

She brought up the history of Passion plays, which I can’t speak on, as I don’t have that info. I’ll look into it, but Diane claims that they were used in the past to point blame at the Jews. That Hitler went and saw one, and he thought it was great propaganda. What did Mel say? That Hitler was a madman, a wacko, and that he (Mel) doubted that the play was the turning point in Hitler’s hatred of the Jews. Mel also said that after watching Schindler’s List, it didn’t make him hate Germans, or want to hurt them. He said everyone is to blame for the death of Jesus,and he’d be first in line to say he was to blame.

My favorite quote from last night was this: “Critics who have a problem with me don’t really have a problem with me in this film, they have a problem with the four Gospels. That’s where their problem is.”

I really hope that non-Christians will see this movie. Though it will be violent, it shows what Christ has done for all souls, he paid the price we never could. And because of it, we get to be free.

I’ll close with a quote from a great Mel Gibson movie, Signs.

Graham Hess: People break down into two groups when the experience something lucky. Group number one sees it as more than luck, more than coincidence. They see it as a sign, evidence, that there is someone up there, watching out for them. Group number two sees it as just pure luck. Just a happy turn of chance. I’m sure the people in Group number two are looking at those fourteen lights in very suspicious way. For them, the situation isn’t fifty-fifty. Could be bad, could be good. But deep down, they feel that whatever happens, they’re on their own. And that fills them with fear. Yeah, there are those people. But there’s a whole lot of people in the Group number one. When they see those fourteen lights, they’re looking at a miracle. And deep down, they feel that whatever’s going to happen, there will be someone their to help them. And that fills them with hope. See what you have to ask yourself is what kind of person are you? Are you the kind that sees signs, sees miracles? Or do you believe that people just get lucky? Or, look at the question this way: Is it possible that there are no coincidences?

Happy President’s Day

Well, the sun is shining, there is a slight wind, but it made for a nice walk today. Though I don’t get why they celebrate President’s Day (beats Family Day), I believe every month should have a holiday. Mind you, I felt that more strongly when I had a job. Still it’s nice.

My mom & Russ went to Jasper for the weekend. Just to get away. Colin & Dawn celebrated their anniversary at the Edmonton Sun Valentine’s Wedding (at which they got hitched two years ago.) Colin has dj’d the event the last two years.

Like Chris was with his blog, I’ve been curious about who reads my blog, so please feel free to drop me a line and say hi, I like when you ______, or you suck I’m never reading this again! 🙂 Thanks to Dawn for sharing her thoughts on my blog. My email can be found on the upper right side.

While we were out at the B&B Friday night, I couldn’t recall the name of a game that I enjoyed playing in the 80’s. After 30 minutes, I gave up and resolved to look online when we got home. I.Q. 2000! Geoff was certain the word Quiz was involved, and I was adamant that the name of the last planet was Equalizer. You’ll have to trust me that it was funny how moronic and stubborn I was. Now I hope to find this game somewhere, or at least someone who owns it and wants to play. Ebay currently doesn’t have it.

To update a previous post, Jesus has been found! The Passion Of The Christ is now going to play in three theatres in Denver. Yay! So we might try to go on the 28th.

With the Oscars in just two weeks, I hope to come up with some theme food ideas for us to enjoy while we watch. Two years ago, we had a Lord of the Rings theme, invited some friends over, and we enjoyed Lord of the Onion Rings, Samwise Fries, and Boromir Burgers. Boromir burgers are still enjoyed at our house. I’m open to suggestions if anyone has some. Last year we were in Berkeley, so we didn’t do anything special. But I did yell at the tv (that’s kinda special, because I usually don’t. At least not during the Oscars).

Well, that’s all from here I guess. I’ll close with a quote from The Two Towers. There was a very funny scene in the extended edition. This is a transcription of it. It was laugh out loud funny.

Legolas: Final count…42.

Gimli: 42? That’s not bad for a pointy-eared elvish princling. I myself am sitting pretty on 43.

[Legolas shoots the orc that Gimli is sitting on]

Legolas: 43.

Gimli: He was already dead.

Legolas: He was twitching.

Gimli: He was twitching because he’s got my axe embedded in his nervous system.

Happy Anniversary To Us

For dinner Geoff prepared a pork roast, baked potatoes and corn. Yummy. We exchanged cards that we made for each other, and tonight we will finally watch The Two Towers extended edition. Not a bad way to celebrate 7 years of marriage.

I really got a lot out of our couples group today. One of the other women is meeting the same frustration I am with not having conceived yet. It’s nice to know not everyone is so fertile. Another one of the women didn’t conceive until after 18-24 months of trying. It was a real interesting time talking about fertility and a great chance for us to all bond. 🙂 I just might feel at home here in Colorado. Wouldn’t that be something.

I’m gonna end with a quote from Wonder Boys.

James Leer: Professor Tripp? Can I ask you a question?

Grady Tripp: Yeah, James.

James Leer: What are we going to do with… it?

Grady Tripp: I don’t know. I’m still trying to figure out how to tell the Chancellor I murdered her husband’s dog.

James Leer: You?

Grady Tripp: Trust me, James, when the family pet’s been assassinated, the owner doesn’t want to hear one of her students was the trigger man.

James Leer: Does she want to hear it was one of her professors?

Grady Tripp: …I’ve got tenure.

Unbreak My Heart & Supplies!

The WB has decided not to renew Angel for next season. 🙁

Last season they thought this would be the last year, but numbers for the show have been up, and there was talk of a sixth season. I doubt UPN, who previously expressed an interest in Angel, will pick it up. Who knows! This may be for the best, based on this last week’s fairly stupid episode.

Well, my Friday turned out much different than I thought. I was surprised at 5:00 to see Geoff walk through the door with roses and an offer to go out to the Bull & Bush for dinner. 🙂 So we changed into something presentable and trotted down to the B&B. I enjoyed some potato skins (which were better than usual. I think they changed them), and a classic burger. Fridays is all you can eat fish & chips, which Geoff had, as well as he tried the Tower E.S.B. beer (they have a brewery on site). He said it tasted like Canadian. And “no alarms and no surprises” he had an Ardbeg after dinner. (Ardbeg is an Islay scotch. He likes it neat, fyi)

Tonight he’s making pizza, my favorite pepperoni & bacon. And we’ll watch Return To Me. Our first Valentine’s Day we had pizza and watched When Harry Met Sally. The roses for our anniversary was a tradition started on our wedding day. Every year we’re married, that’s how many roses I get. And he wants us to make 75 years.

Monday is President’s Day, and I won’t go to the museum, as my dept closes for holidays. I hope the nice weather we have now holds out and we can go for a walk to the lake when the Canadian geese hang out.

I’ll close with a quote from L.A. Confidential. It’s such a good movie.

Captain Dudley Smith: Have you a valediction, boy-o?

Jack Vincennes: Rollo Tomasi.

I’ll Tumble For You

What does that mean? “I’ll tumble for ya”? “I’ll be your baby, I’ll be your score, I’ll run the gun for you,

And so much more” I don’t get it, but that song is so darn catchy! Curse you Culture Club!

Still cold here, but not as bad as it has been. We decided to got to the Bull & Bush on Monday, and now I can’t wait. I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts that Geoff will enjoy an Ardbeg after dinner. It seems to be their feature scotch frequently, and he enjoys it so much. We will definitely partake in dessert, but I don’t know what I’ll order. I do care for the Queen’s burger a great deal. Who knows. I dearly wish we had our friends here to celebrate our anniversary with us.

Honey cat has been out of control lately. She’s been jumping on the counter looking for food. She never did this in Irvine, and I will have to consult Dr. Jen to see what she thinks. Is it the weather, is it a phase? It’s bothersome. Her fur is growing back nicely, and Geoff plans to remove her stitches this weekend. The thought of it creeps me out, so he is welcome to do it. It’s too much of a hassle to put her in her cage, drive to the vet for a 3 second visit.

I’m hoping to go to Blockbuster today and rent Lost In Translation. Yes, it’s Valentine’s weekend, and we could watch romantic movies, but I think I’ve seen Sleepless In Seattle & You’ve Got Mail a half a dozen times each in the last 2 months. If I had to pick a romantic movie from our collection to watch this weekend, I’d opt for Return To Me, Much Ado About Nothing, or When Harry Met Sally. I know Geoff wouldn’t have Mrs. Winterbourne, hmmm…maybe I should watch that this afternoon. I also got Identity out of the library to watch. I tried to watch Down With Love, but I didn’t get far before I had to stop. I thought it was awful.

To turn a little serious here, we were talking the other day, and venting about how unfair it seems to always be raising money to do research on AIDS, when cancer is a bigger problem. Maybe I’m crazy, but I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been affected by cancer, and I don’t know anyone with AIDS. And with that, I’m sure there are other diseases who feel cancer gets all the money and they could use some. I guess I’m just annoyed that so many people I know die from cancer, or have family die from cancer. I have a friend who is going to lose her brother in a few years to cancer, and that just isn’t fair. Death sucks.

Okay, lighter note now. It’s a month to the big day for Meg & Mike. (Meg if you are reading this tick tock tick tock). I don’t remember what I went through the last month. I don’t think I was so freaked, but if anyone else remembers, please refresh my memory. I remember a fight Geoff and I had months before the wedding. It involved people in his family inviting themselves to the wedding. Distant relatives. I had distant relatives that lived in the city and didn’t get an invite. Because we wanted a small wedding. Yeah, stupid thing to fight about, but hello? Planning a wedding, not a stress-free thing. Unless you are planning a wedding in 2 weeks (like Colin & Dawn). My advice to all brides (I don’t know who I got it from) is “something will go wrong, and you hope it’s something small and fixable”.

In case I don’t get around to posting tomorrow (who knows!) Happy Anniversary Colin & Dawn!

Alright, I’ll close with a quote from Return To Me. It’s a very sweet movie.

[Self-conscious about her heart transplant scars, Grace checks her appearance in a mirror.]

Angelo: Grace, come on, it’s been over a year, you can hardly see it anymore.

Grace Briggs: Nice try, Angelo. I just don’t like all the questions, you know?

Marty: You tell everybody you’re just the luckiest girl in the world.

Grace Briggs: I know, Grandpa, I know.

Marty: You’re beautiful, and no one’s going to notice your chest.

Grace Briggs: Thanks a lot.

Keep It Comin’ Love

(Sorry, I have KC & The Sunshine Band’s Keep It Comin’ Love stuck in my head)

On Sunday, Geoffrey and I will celebrate 7 years of wedded bliss. 🙂 It seems like a lifetime ago, and in some ways it was. We were young, and much different than we are now. We’ve grown up a lot, but we can look back on our wedding and smile. We met in high school, and had a typical high school relationship. But once school ended, we decided to get serious about each other & treat each other with respect. The following February we got engaged, to no one’s surprise. We set the date for a year later, to save our pennies. My maid of honour was my best friend Lisa, and Geoff’s sister Meghan was my bridesmaid (both of whom looked great). Geoff’s best man was Barry (Rick), and Doug served as a groomsmen. It was a small wedding, by the standard of other weddings I’ve attended. It was a lot of fun, but I wouldn’t go through that again. Weddings are high stress, and a lot of work. Once is plenty. I could spend all day recounting the day for you, but I won’t. But I will include the lyrics to one of the songs we danced to.

beautiful, you’re beautiful, as beautiful as the sun

wonderful, you’re wonderful, as wonderful as they come

and i can’t help but feel attached

to the feelings i can’t even match

with my face pressed up to the glass, wanting you

beautiful, you’re beautiful, as beautiful as the sky

wonderful, it’s wonderful, to know that you’re just like I

and i’m sure you know me well, as i’m sure you don’t

but you just can’t tell

who’ll you love and who you won’t

and i love you, as you love me

so let the clouds roll by your face

we’ll let the world spin on to another place

we’ll climb the tallest tree above it all

to look down on you and me and them

and i’m sure you know me well, as i’m sure you don’t

but you just can’t tell, who you’ll love and who you won’t

don’t let your life wrap up around you

don’t forget to call, whenever

i’ll be here just waiting for you

i’ll be under your stars forever

neither here nor there just right beside you

i’ll be under the stairs forever

neither here nor there just right beside you

The funny thing about weddings is everyone wants to go to them. I don’t really get that. Is it the (relatively) free food? Or is it seeing two in love tie the knot? I have only been to two weddings where I wasn’t required to participate. Since Doug & Kirsty’s wedding, I’ve been inclined to think that’s the way to go, as a spectator. But in my heart of hearts, there are certain people if they asked me to participate, I wouldn’t hesitate to say yes. On the other hand, there are weddings I would not like to be in. It would be odd if they asked me, but I should be prepared for that to happen. I have been asked to be a bridesmaid for Meghan’s wedding next month. And I was hesitant at first, but it has grown on me. It’s not about me, but about Meg wanting me to share in her day. This will be my third bridesmaid dress, and I will try to post pictures from the wedding on my website when we get back. Frankly, I clean up nicely. It’s like a photo capture of what I could like like if I put that much effort into myself. Click here to see pictures of me as a bridesmaid.

It snowed all day yesterday, and I can’t recall when it’s been that cold before. Thank goodness it wasn’t anything like the -52 Edmonton had a little while ago. Or so I’m told. But I secured Geoff & I tickets to Coral Reef the new IMAX movie that opens in March. We’ll get to see it next Wednesday. Haven’t been to an IMAX movie since Everest. Today the sun is out, but I think I’ll stay in and read & watch DVDs. Yes, I lead a rough life.

Well, I’ll close with two quotes from Sleepless In Seattle. In honor of St. Valentines Day.

Jonah Baldwin: Talk to her, dad. She’s a doctor.

Sam Baldwin: Of what? Her first name could be Doctor.


Jay: Well, this is fate! She’s divorced, we don’t want to redo the cabinets, and you need a wife. What do they call it when everything intersects?

Sam Baldwin: The Bermuda Triangle.