Afternoon Report

I couldn’t call it the morning report as it’s 4:30pm.

Someone at the museum thought I was from NYC. How funny is that?! I took it as a compliment, having never met anyone from NYC. Someday I’d like to go and see what the fuss is about. The topic of San Francisco came up a few times this week, and made me want to go back. I really dig that town, even with it’s hippies.

I bought some running shoes so I have something comfortable to walk around Glasgow in. I found someone who is willing to take Honey in for a week. She’s someone I work with and a big cat lover. This is a huge weight off my shoulders.

I’ve been laughing my butt off this week at I Love The 90’s. It’s all about Hal Sparks. He makes the best comments. His rendition of Nothing Compares To You had Geoff laughing so hard. I’m taping the series for Colin & Dawn, as I know they’ll get a kick out of it. For me, it’s like a funnier way to relive my junior high & high school days.

So, the airline is showing The Station Agent (Oscar Nominated Movie) and Tomorrow Never Dies on the flight out to Glasgow. On the way back, we have Starsky & Hutch, Lethal Weapon, and Calendar Girls. But with the flight out there being overnight, I don’t know that we’ll watch anything. We’ll likely sleep. Geoff laughed at me when I mentioned we could eat at Harvey’s in Toronto on the way home. Come on! It’s Harvey’s!

I’ll close with a quote from That Thing You Do!

Mr. White: This “Oneders” thing, with the o-n-e, it doesn’t work. It’s confusing. From now on, you’re just The Wonders.

Lenny: As in, I wonder what happened to the O-Needers?

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