Nothing To Say

I wish I had something to write about, but I don’t. Nothing is going on, just the countdown until our trip. The weather has been hot, and I’m so thankful for A/C. Our place in California didn’t have that, but then we also didn’t have windows facing the the sun.

Ryan and Kana got married. They had a civil service, so she could stay in the country once her visa runs out. They plan on having a Buddhist wedding next summer at their temple with Kana’s family coming from Japan. Kana didn’t think it was right to get married before Ryan’s brother, as he got engaged first. His wedding is in the fall I think.

Since I decided not to work on Wednesday afternoon, I went in this morning. What did I do with my free afternoons? Besides go to the bank today, I’ve been plowing through my Sports Night DVD, again. What can I say? I love that show. I was so thrilled when Geoff bought it for me. The characters are endearing, the writing is outstanding, and it’s funny. I figure once a year, I should go through the whole series. So I’m due. 🙂

Tonight is a new tournament of Celebrity Poker Showdown. I knew Maura Tierney was going to win the last one, and Dave Foley was thrilled (he picked her to win). For tonight’s game, I’m betting on Richard Kind. Just a gut feeling. I missed this week’s episode of Joe Schmo, but I caught the last 5 minutes or so. Gerald (Jonathan Torrens) was really playing his role (he’s the Gotta-Be-Gay Guy). They resolved things with Ingrid, and I’m not surprised by what they decided. It’ll be rerun on Sunday night, I may try to tune in. All I caught of Last Comic Standing was Ant getting the boot. That shocked me. I’ve seen him so much on tv lately, I was starting think maybe he won. Monday night is I Love The 90’s. I’m thinking of taping it for Colin, I think he’d get a kick out of it. Monk was a repeat last week, but tomorrow is a new episode. Yay!

I guess I’ll close with a quote from Sports Night.

Jeremy Goodwin: Is getting “The Call” you know, good?

Dana Whitaker: Better than a poke in the eye?

Jeremy Goodwin: Really?

Dana Whitaker: Yes.

Jeremy Goodwin: How much better?

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