New TV & Reading

So, with the demise of some of my favorite television shows, I’ve taken to trying to replace them with new ones. First off, I watched Wonderfalls, which I heard was pretty good. It’s not too bad. I enjoyed the episode, but whether Fox realizes what it has remains to be seen. Fox has this annoying habit of getting rid of shows I like. I also checked out Touching Evil. I really liked this show, and it will be a good pair with Monk on Friday nights. The title sucks, but it’s worth checking out. And of course This Just In.

I picked up two books at the library this week. One I’ve read before Very Far Away From Anywhere Else (Ursula K. LeGuin), and a book that was made into one of my favorite movies L.A. Confidential (James Ellroy). The weather has been very kind this week, and I may tote my book to Peet’s for a change of scenery. Geoff figures they should give me Peet’s wear for free to promote business. I totally think so! They sell an orange baseball hat on their website that I like. 🙂

Speaking of promoting… The good guys of Splendourbog have a website up! It was up for a while, then disappeared. But it contained an email, so I dropped them one. I mentioned that I had bought Meghan a Splendourbog shirt years ago, but never got one for myself. Do they still have them? Indeed! So, I’m getting one for myself! Hee hee! All you who don’t own the wonderful album Elevator Music, go out and get it! You won’t be sorry. 🙂 I was singing Gospel Rock today at work, as I had to catalogue a piece of gneiss. And how did I know how to spell it? Splendourbog of course! Jeff thought the chorus was hysterical!

Thank you to Diane & Athena for emailing me after my outcry for mail. And to Shannon for her thoughts on Jesus Freaks. I love you loyal readers!

I’m going to close with a quote from Michael.

Michael: Remember what John and Paul said.

Frank Quinlan: The apostles?

Michael: No, the Beatles. All you need is love.

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